Blink Acquires Advent


We are excited to announce that Advent has joined the Blink family. This means we’ve more than doubled in size and have added great talent, more capabilities and some fantastic new clients to our group.

Our two firms began working together in 2012, from which we discovered we shared two core beliefs:

1) Businesspeople aren’t dull and passionless, so B2B shouldn’t be either.

2) Marketing that stops at lead generation stops woefully short.

Now, as Blink Worldwide, we’ve massively strengthened our ability to help our clients define and deliver their value proposition to their customers based on how and when they experience their brand.

The addition of Advent’s talent to this objective deepens our ability to create beautiful and effective programs across the entire customer lifecycle.

It’s not just marketing.

It’s more than sales enablement.

It’s brand enablement. And it’s what we’re all about.

Now let’s talk about all it could mean for you. Get in touch.