Insights Out

KPMG Tech Tools / B2B Branding

How do you get clients excited about tools they’ll never use?

The KPMG tech tools story is not about how the tools look or operate, because clients never actually use them. It’s not even about the output the tools provide to KPMG teams. The real story is in the power of the insights driven by the output of the tools that KPMG teams leverage on behalf of their clients.

Now could you package that into some nice, short compelling videos and brochures, please?

Avoiding the people-at-a-conference table cliché.

Blink found creative ways to show data spawning the types of insights that clients would love to uncover during due diligence, but seldom can.

Except when it make sense to show people at a conference table.

In the end, it made sense to have our gray-suited hero striding into a closing more confidently than he ever has before. But it’s tastefully done. Promise.