Leaders are readers.

S&P Dow Jones / UI + UX

When you’re a market leader in the world of finance, your only option is to kick ass.

The savvy investors who consume S&P Dow Jones’ content have high expectations. They need to be spoken to differently. Advertising and traditional marketing are not leadership activities in this domain.

S&P Dow Jones asked us to help give their content some serious love.

We determined that the right avenue to retain market leadership and add authentic value to the industry required the dissemination of bite size, open source, visually rich content that would educate and inspire the market.

No, we’re not talking about 45 page “white papers” that resemble your college Econ textbook – those only exist today to hold doors open.

In short, we took long form copy and helped S&P boil things down to consumable, insightful content that will help their audience take action and invest smarter. Period.