One of our best war stories

LogicSource / Branding, Collateral, Video

Targeting C-level execs who think they’ve heard it all before.

A brand new Bain-funded company came to Blink with no name, no identity, and facing entrenched preconceptions that consultants in the sourcing arena promise much and deliver little. What the company did have was a sourcing and procurement model execs loved to hear about – if you could get them to listen.

Turning brilliant thinking into a winning brand.

Blink knew it would take a strong brand presence to get an unknown player into the C-suite for that all-important first meeting. We created a name, brand identity and web presence LogicSource could own with confidence.

Built on a solid brand foundation.

What we’re most proud of is that the work we did in the beginning is still in place and as relevant as ever.

Now LogicSource is ready for every meeting, with video and other materials that made their new way of thinking easy to grasp. Dozens of seven-figure deals later, this unknown has become a heavyweight. We’d call it a happy ending if they weren’t still a client.