Equipped to kill it.

Black Diamond / B2B Marketing & Sales Enablement

Old school sales tools aren’t the answer for a maker of high tech gear.

Black Diamond came to us for the printed collateral they and their retailers were used to. But, over time, as we got to know the brand, the business, and the sales process, we saw we could do for the Black Diamond sales force what this brand has done for outdoor enthusiasts:  Equip them to thrive in the environments where they play.

Blink has been instrumental in supporting Black Diamond’s sales collateral design and production.

And it’s pretty sweet to get paid in skis and crampons now and then.

It’s time to let the trees live and go digital.

We’re currently building a mobile sales enablement platform and asset library that will:

  • Enable salespeople to choose from hundreds of video, photo, and other assets on the fly.
  • Allow for instant inventory tracking and ordering.
  • Give management far greater insight into who’s selling what, where, when and how than they ever dreamed.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.